Drawing from ArcherHall’s extensive experience in digital forensics, Beyond Text Messages is an essential asset for legal professionals, providing actionable insights and a thorough checklist to ensure no potential evidence is overlooked.

This guide sheds light on the less obvious sources of information, enabling a more effective collection and analysis of digital evidence in litigation and investigations.

This comprehensive guide explores the various ways individuals interact digitally, highlighting the importance of a thorough approach in digital forensics to uncover potentially crucial evidence in litigation and investigations.

It serves as an essential resource for legal professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of digital communication evidence.

Guide highlights

App Data
Navigate the complexity of messaging apps across devices, including encrypted and cross-platform services.

Social Media
Uncover conversations hidden within social media platforms and dating apps, revealing interactions beyond SMS.

Explore the often-overlooked realm of
in-game chats across multiple gaming platforms.

Checklist for Mobile Forensics
A detailed guide to collecting and analyzing mobile device evidence, which can be instrumental in the outcome of litigation and investigations.


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