At ArcherHall, we develop customized Electronically Stored Information (ESI) processing and production plans, which incorporate the clients’ requirements complying with procedural and conventional standards.

Processing typically includes a combination of the following services:

  • Import data; inventory file types and extensions
  • Extract text
  • Extract metadata
  • De-duplicate
  • Cull and sort
  • Burst compound files (open Zips and other compressed files to access full content)
  • Filter by MIME type (verify and correct file extensions)
  • Execute key-word searches
After processing and culling the raw data, we will provide the information in an easy-to-use form according to the clients’ specifications. Production may include:
  • Export to native file, TIFF, or PDF
  • Load file creation (Concordance, Summation, and other standard and custom formats)
  • Hosted review, allowing the client to easily access and review data with no software requirements


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