ArcherHall offers cost-effective online-hosted review using a selection of industry-standard review platforms. These services provide secure environments for individual or collaborative document review, with robust tools and sufficient power to handle the largest and most complex projects. Documents can be accessed securely at any time from any computer through a variety of internet-enabled devices.

Online document repositories allow users to store, retrieve, sort, tag, and comment on all documents in a collection, with scalable capacity to meet changing demands. Different levels of access can be assigned to different users, ensuring privacy, security, and confidentiality. Workflow tools allow project managers to assign batches of documents to various reviewers, in addition to tracking progress and keeping production on schedule and within budget.

While many litigators conveniently review email evidence in Outlook, it can modify the data without the user’s knowledge. Our proprietary hosted review solutions are particularly suited for email, thus allowing reviewers to view messages in a natural format that emulate a standard email client. The review platforms also handle virtually every other type of electronic record including imaged and coded documents, user-generated files, and converted databases. Our team will partner with you to determine the best solution for your specific case needs working with you to develop a customized project plan while seeing it through to completion.

Our hosted solutions employ robust security measures including firewall protection, encryption on the web server, and login password authentication. Clients pay for our services on-demand, making hosted review a lower cost option than purchasing software that may be seldom used at most firms.


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