Digital Evidence
For Litigation

Forensic data collection, analysis, and expert witness testimony.

Cellphones | Computers | Email | Documents | Text Messages | Location Data

Cellphones | Computers | Email | Documents | Text Messages | Location Data

Digital Forensics

Collect evidence from phones and computers. Find and recover relevant data. Deliver it in court.


Process large amounts of data, then easily filter what you need for production or review.

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Digital Forensics Services

Forensic Imaging

Create exact bit-for-bit copies of the data on a computer or other storage medium. Admissible in court and provably identical to the original.

Cell Phone Forensics

Imaging, recovery, and analysis of data from cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Data Recovery

Extract data from corrupted or damaged devices. Find and restore deleted files and messages.

Expert Evidence Analysis

Identify files, emails, or activity logs that are relevant to the case. Piece together subtle clues to provide a clear story.

Expert Testimony

Testify in court or deposition regarding the conclusions of evidence analysis, validity of data, and soundness of methodologies.

Theft of Trade Secrets

Investigate unauthorized copying, printing, or transfer of sensitive or valuable data.

E-Discovery Services

Data Collection

Collect local, network, or cloud data from multiple custodians at multiple locations.

Processing & Production

Exclude irrelevant data, capture text and metadata, and Bates label. Produce native files or TIFFs and load files for all popular systems.

Hosted Review

Access discovery documents from anywhere through our online review platform. Spend time on review, not document management.

Advanced Culling Techniques

Reduce discovery costs by excluding more non-relevant documents, especially for clients operating in big data environments.

Early Case Assessment

Find out what your data contains before you get too deep. Quickly view data by file type, timeline, or relationships between people.

Electronic Medical Records

Collection, processing, and analysis of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and associated metadata.

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Digital Evidence For Litigation

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