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Digital Forensics Services

Cell Phone Forensics

Imaging, recovery, and analysis of data from cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Forensic Imaging

Create exact bit-for-bit copies of the data on a computer or other storage medium. Admissible in court and provably identical to the original.


Investigate data that provides information about other data. Metadata is the core of most digital forensics and e-discovery processes.

Vehicle Forensics

Modern vehicles store a plethora of information within their infotainment systems and computers.

Expert Evidence

Identify files, emails, or activity logs that are relevant to the case. Piece together subtle clues to provide a clear story.

Data Recovery

Extract data from corrupted or damaged devices. Find and restore deleted files and messages.

Flat Rate Services

Providing forensic services to insurance professionals nationwide.

Mobile Device Collection & Report


Analysis (Per Hour)


Vehicle & Infotainment Systems


Travel is billed separately.

Mobile Device Collection & Report -$1000

Analysis (Per Hour) -$300

Vehicle & Infotainment Systems -Inquire

Travel is billed separately.

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