Client and Sales Data in Employment Dispute

Deep retrieval of data from inactive CRM

Our client was being sued by one of their former employees. To defend against the claim, they needed to retrieve data from the oldest available backup of their inactive customer relationship management (CRM) system. The company required data from the backup to demonstrate the employee’s performance as evidenced by his activity within the system.

Client: Corporation

Categories: Digital Forensics, E-Discovery

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Malpractice Leads to Patient’s Death

Electronic Medical Record analysis uncovers records tampering

Our client, an attorney specializing in medical malpractice, hired ArcherHall for our experience analyzing electronic medical records (EMR) and presenting accurate timelines of patient care. The attorney was dealing with a case involving a physician who was accused of medical malpractice after their patient’s condition worsened significantly under their follow-up care. The attorney requested a copy of the patient’s electronic medical record from the physician, who presented him with paper documents. The attorney noticed inconsistencies in the dates of the records and suspected fabrication or tampering had occurred. ArcherHall conducted EMR analysis to find out the truth.

Client: Medical Malpractice Attorney

Categories: Digital Forensics, E-Discovery

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Digging for Lost Emails

A creative solution to a challenging email extraction

Our client required access to copies of emails recorded on their company email journaling system to use as evidence for their defense in court. Due to technical difficulties with the system, extracting the information needed was becoming a long and arduous procedure. The judge’s concerns about delays in the discovery process mounted extra pressure on the attorneys, who were told to provide the digital evidence as quickly as possible.

Client: Public School District

Categories: Digital Forensics, E-Discovery

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Malpractice at a Surgical Facility

Forensic examination of Electronic Medical Records

Our client was the plaintiff in a case seeking to prove that a surgical facility was not following proper medical protocol and performing surgeries without the proper pre-surgery health assessment. Allegations were made that the facility was falsifying medical records by overwriting the pre-surgery assessment digital signatures with the post-surgery medical record signature. In effect, this data replacement was erasing the evidence of the malpractice.

Client: Malpractice Victim

Categories: Digital Forensics, E-Discovery

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E-Discovery in Environmental Litigation

A multi-year case goes to trial

Our client was a state agency involved in decades-long litigation regarding an even older environmental issue. The long history of the matter meant a substantial volume and variety of documents, with new relevant documents being generated every day. The agency had the foresight to involve ArcherHall as early as possible, allowing us to collect and process the complete set of documents, and giving us the full picture of the evidence related to the case.

Client: Government Agency

Categories: E-Discovery

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