Expert witness testimony is often the pivotal final step of a digital forensics case. ArcherHall examiners have testified in over one hundred cases, submitted dozens of written declarations, and have been recognized and recommended by the court on many occasions for our expert testimony and forensic capabilities.
The key to our success is preparation—from the moment we touch the first device to the moment our examiner takes the stand, ArcherHall operates under the assumption that every step of our process will be scrutinized in court. For each case, we ensure that our evidence handling procedures and review is thorough and meticulously documented. Each evidence collection is forensically captured and verified to guarantee its integrity and admissibility in court.
Prior to a court appearance, the testifying examiner is subjected to a rigorous mock cross-examination to prepare for possible lines of questioning and ensure complete mastery of the case details. Our experts have a reputation for explaining highly technical concepts in a way that is clear to non-technical listeners such as judges and juries


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