ArcherHall’s experience with many EMR and EHR systems makes us the ideal choice for forensic health record data capture. The medical facility may be unaware of the extent of the data contained within their EMR system that is available for viewing or export. ArcherHall will identify the available data and preserve all digital information hidden within EMR system that is relevant to your case.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Finding information that printed EMR and EHR documents lack
  • Identifying falsified records
  • Identifying back-dated records
  • Extracting metadata
  • Capturing access logs
  • Capturing modification logs
  • Auditing changes or access to medical and health records
  • Producing custom reports from patient data
  • Writing informed, technically-sophisticated discovery request language
ArcherHall has HIPAA-compliant systems to analyze and collate data, to ensure that patient data is secure. Our forensics staff has the necessary electronic medical record background to collect information successfully from any EMR system, regardless of the vendor.

Successful client problem resolutions include:

  • Unreadable/poorly organized data
  • Lack of detailed information
  • Data without descriptive explanations
  • No data access information
  • Facilities without necessary IT staff to respond to complex, in-depth questions
  • Facilities who outsource their EMR system
  • HL7 records that require decoding
  • Deleted data
  • Data only present in backups
With both technical and legal expertise, ArcherHall assists clients’ construct language to make explicitly clear EMR discovery requests, leaving less room for opposing parties to provide data that is incomplete or difficult to use.


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