Cell Phone Stalking

Cell phone forensic evidence in restraining order case

Our client was going through a divorce and had moved with her son to a friend’s house, where she was certain that her husband did not know her location. However, during this time she was served divorce papers at the address by her husband’s attorney. Our client was shocked and shaken that her husband knew her whereabouts, and as a result requested a restraining order from the courts. She asked ArcherHall to search for digital evidence pertaining to the alleged stalking.

Client: Party to Family Law Case

Categories: Digital Forensics, Data Breach

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Investigating attempts to hide IP theft using anti-forensic software

Our client asked us to investigate a suspected theft of IP. Two employees had recently left the company for competitors and were suspected of misappropriating intellectual property and proprietary information. ArcherHall was given their laptops to search for unusual activity and build evidence of the IP theft, including file transfers to USB, files sent to personal email addresses, correspondence with rival companies, and mass deletion of files.

Client: Global Market Research Firm

Categories: Digital Forensics

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Digital Theft of IP

A cover-up is uncovered

Our client was a corporation investigating suspected theft of intellectual property by a former employee. The employee had left for a competitor, allegedly taking proprietary customer and technical data with him. The client suspected the defendant had attempted to cover his tracks by wiping his computer. The case ultimately involved multiple computers, external media, and mobile devices.

Key Success: Overcame the defendant’s efforts to hide and destroy evidence and won recognition from the judge for our work.

Client: Corporation

Categories: Digital Forensics, Data Breach

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Explicit Content in School

An innocent teacher is exonerated

We were retained to investigate accusations that a special education teacher had been browsing the internet for adult content, including suspected child pornography. The school’s web traffic monitoring software had flagged a site the teacher had visited. Given the severity of the accusations, the school executives wanted to verify with certainty that the allegations were accurate.

From the Attorney: “I wanted you to know how much the [client] and I appreciated the work done by you and your team to resolve the mystery involving [the teacher]’s computer. The fact that you didn’t simply accept the easy explanation — that he must have searched for pornography and hid it so well that you couldn’t find it — and doggedly pursued the truth, avoided what might have been a serious miscarriage of justice that could have resulted in [the teacher] losing his job, his reputation and maybe his freedom. You should also know that being under this cloud of suspicion has overwhelmed [the teacher] and, while he will take some time to recover, he is extremely relieved to have been exonerated. And the professionalism and expertise of you and your co-workers relieved [client] of the horrible burden of mistakenly taking action against an innocent man.”

Client: School District

Categories: Digital Forensics, Data Breach

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Inside Job

Investigating an internal data breach

Our client, an industry-leading manufacturer of fuel cells, was involved in a large lawsuit related to the termination of an employee. The client believed an accomplice in IT, who had previously received advanced technical training in the military, was helping the ex-employee steal data from the company.

Key Success: Rapidly determined the method, intent, and suspected perpetrator of the network breach.

Client: Large Corporation

Categories: Digital Forensics, Data Breach

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