We understand the stress that is involved with preparing for a trial and want to alleviate as much of it as possible. With one conversation your trial needs are considered, budgeted, estimated and then assigned to our experienced team for the execution of those services. We look forward to receiving your call.

Trial Tech

Experienced and dedicated Trial Technicians with years of experience in high-profile litigation projects and courtroom presentations.

Trial Equipment

State of the art equipment available for rental for your next trial, mediation or arbitration. Set up and removal included in some cases.

Audio/Video Editing

Expert techs with audio/video editing to meet all your needs.

Deposition and Video Clips

Synced and ready to present or impeach your next witness.

Trial Presentations

Lose the yawn and experience the “Wow!” in your next trial presentation. Creative minds create interesting and informative presentations that you will be excited to present.

Site Visits/Inspections

Sites filmed, video recorded and/or droned by legal experienced professional photographers/videographers and drone pilots.

Settlement Brochures

Highlight of key evidence concerning liability, causation and damages edited for impact and efficiency. Designed to expedite and enable meaningful negotiations.

Computer Generated 3-D Animation

3-D art plus computer technology equals an animation that supports the foundational evidence.

Day in the Life Video

Tell the story that your client may not be able to tell from the words and videos of their family, friends and colleagues.

Trial Consultants (Project Manager)

Project managers interact with the entire team to ensure tasks are completed on time and achieve best results for your trial.

Demonstratives and Trial Graphics

Whether it’s a conceptual idea, timeline, or technical process our graphic artists will create exactly what you want in the medium that you need to present your case in trial.

Contact our experienced team about your trial needs.